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Kathleen Morris

Coldwell Banker 
Mobile - (732) 567-1556
Middletown, NJ

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Larry Vecchio

VRI Homes 
Mobile - (732) 241-1090
Keyport, NJ

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Michael Koen

Mike Koen Realty 
Mobile - (732) 910-0440
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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Susan Grace McGowan

Hometown Residential Realty 
Mobile - (732) 614-4025
Aberdeen, NJ

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Linda Michael Dunne

Century 21 
Mobile - (732) ­920-2100
Brick, NJ

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Dina Wolfe

VRI Homes 
Mobile - (­732) 670-2652
Keyport, NJ

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Jennifer Susan Maddalena

VRI Homes 
Mobile - (732) 233-2588
Keyport, NJ

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Frederic Overbeck

VRI Homes 
Mobile - (­917) 608-2570
Keyport, NJ

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Katie Bridwell

Scottsdale, AZ

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Katie Wyatt

VRI Homes 
Mobile - (732) 673-9517
Keyport, NJ


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Jerry Sperling

Shore Thing Marketing 
Call Jerry to get started with Curbfeed
Mobile - 732-904-3337



Text is Instant!

In a sellers market timing really does matter!

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. And, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email. 45% of the purchases in 2019 were millennials and they prefer text to email by 95%.



What is Curbfeed for Buyers?

Stop relying on popular websites that sometimes take hours or days to get updated. Our data is the same as your agent uses with up to the second updates.

Curbfeed for buyers is free and always will be. How it works? A buyer can enter his basic profile information and their search criteria. The buyer can then select an agent or choose to review Curbfeed properties without an agent. If the buyer see's something their interested in they can then select an agent to help with the buying process. Be sure to use a Curbfeed agent. This service is only available to agents using Curbfeed. Our Curbfeed agents service their buyers with the best technology available found here only on Curbfeed.

What is Curbfeed for Agents?

Curbfeed agents will close more deals. Your buyers will think you're the best agent in the world because you instantly text them new homes as soon as an agent makes them available.

Why should I use Curbfeed?

1. 97% of US consumers will give their business to companies that respond to them quickly.
2. Only 20 - 40% of emails are read in 2020.
3. 95% of text messages are read and they reply within 60 minutes.
4. 43% of the buyers national are millenniums who prefer text notification to email.
5. Curbfeed will monitor inventory through out the day so you don't have to saving you time to get more done.

Get started in 60 seconds or less. Signup, enter your Flexmls creditials, download your contacts and set your active buyers to receive text notification and Curbfeed will do the rest. With Curbfeed you no longer have to manually monitoring buyers saved searches and send an email to ask them if their interested. Curbfeed continuously monitors a buyers saved search and looks at new price changes or homes just added. Get started in 60 seconds!


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